Valentina Tereshkova First Woman in space 1963

Valentina Tereshkova First Woman in space 1963

1963, Valentina Tereshkova the first woman in space

On this day on June 16, 1963, Valentina Tereshkova became the first and youngest (at age 26) woman to have flown in space with a solo mission on the Vostok 6.

However, she has orbited the earth 48 times. Also spent 2 days, 22 hours, and 50 mins in space. Meanwhile, she spent almost three days in space. It remains the only woman to have been on a solo space mission.

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She has been select from more than four hundred applicants and five finalists to pilot Vostok 6. Valentina is a member of the Russian State Duma, engineer, and former cosmonaut.

The Vostok 6

On June 16, 1963, “Vostok 6” spacecraft was launch with the first human spaceflight to carry a woman, into space. The “Vostok 6” was the final Vostok flight and it was launch two days after Vostok 5 which carried Bykovsky into a five-day mission. However, Valentina’s mission was to continue the medical studies on humans in spaceflight. Also offered comparative data of the effects of space travel on women. She is the only crew for the Vostok 6 mission. Vostok 6 landed on 19 June 1963.



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