STS-71 Space shuttle lands in 1995

STS-71 Space shuttle lands in 1995

1995, STS-71 Space shuttle lands

On This day during on July 7, 1995, STS-71 (Atlantis 14) space shuttle lands at Kennedy Space Center, SLF Runway 15.

Atlantis returned to Earth during on 7 July with a crew of eight. However, it was the first of seven straight missions to Mir flown by Atlantis.

The Shuttle delivered a relief crew of two cosmonauts Anatoly Solovyev and Nikolai Budarin to the station and recovered Increment astronaut Norman Thagard.


Meanwhile, STS-71 became the third mission of the US/Russian Shuttle-Mir Program and the very first Space Shuttle docking to Russian space station Mir. During, on June 27, 1995, STS-71 launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis from launch pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

STS-71 Objectives

On the other hand, one of the STS-71 objectives were on-orbit joint United States of America-Russian life sciences investigations aboard SPACELAB/Mir, logistical resupply of the Mir and recovery of US astronaut Norman E. Thagard.

STS-71, secondary objectives included filming with the IMAX camera and the Shuttle Amateur Radio Experiment-II (SAREX-II) experiment.

100th U.S. human space

Meanwhile, STS-71 was the launch conducted from Cape Canaveral. Most importantly, it is the first U.S. Space Shuttle-Russian Space Station docking and joint on-orbit operations; largest spacecraft ever in orbit; and the first on-orbit changeout of Shuttle crew.

The Landing Crew Member as follows:

Meanwhile, Robert L. Gibson (Commander), Charles J. Precourt (Pilot), Ellen S. Baker (Mission Specialist), Gregory J. Harbaugh (Mission Specialist), Bonnie J. Dunbar (Mission Specialist), Gennady Strekalov (Mission Specialist), Vladimir Dezhurov (Mission Specialist), and Norman E. Thagard (Mission Specialist) crew members landed during on July 7, 1995.



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