1873, “Priam’s Treasure” Discovered

1873, “Priam’s Treasure” Discovered

1873, “Priam’s Treasure” Discovered

On this day May 27, 1873, German businessman and pioneer archaeology “Heinrich Schliemann” discover “Priam’s Treasure” a cache of “Gold and other objects” at Hissarlik in modern Turkey.

Priam’s Treasure

The bulk of the artifacts are currently in the Pushkin Museum in Moscow. Schliemann was at earliest skeptical about the identification of Hissarlik with Troy but was persuaded by Calvert.

Schliemann has begun digging at Hissarlik in 1870, and by 1873 had discovered nine buried cities. A cache of gold and several other objects appeared on or around May 27, 1873; Schliemann named it “Priam’s Treasure”.

Many believe that the Priam’s Treasures are a thousand years older than Homer’s King Priam of Troy, who died about 1200 B.C.