World First Female Prime Minister in 1960

World First Female Prime Minister in 1960

1960, The World First Female Prime Minister

On this day on July 21, 1960, Sri Lankan (then the Dominion of Ceylon)  states woman, Sirimavo Bandaranaike became the world first female Prime Minister. She became the world’s first female head of state in modern history.

Prime Minister

Bandaranaike was served from 1960 to March 27, 1965. Meanwhile, in January 1961, she changed the administrative language from English to Sinhala.

However, she nationalised petroleum industry, banking, foreign trade, and insurance. During her time, she taking over the Bank of Ceylon. Bandaranaike establishing branches of the newly created People’s Bank.

During, in the 1965 elections, Bandaranaike won a seat in the House of Representatives from the Attanagalla Electoral District. Meanwhile, she became the first woman Leader of the Opposition post.

Bandaranaike born on April 17, 1916 at Ratnapura, Sri Lanka and died in October 10, 2000 (aged 84) cause of Heart attack.