1811, Independence Day of Venezuela

1811, Independence Day of Venezuela

1811, Independence Day of Venezuela

On this day July 5, 1811, Independence day of Venezuela. Venezuela, marked every year on July 5 which celebrates the anniversary since the enactment of the 1811 Venezuelan Declaration of Independence, making the country the first Spanish colony in South America to declare independence.

The first National Constituent Congress which convened earlier on March 2 composed of many patriotic individuals from majority of the provinces of the Captaincy General of Venezuela which were elected by the populace of 7 of the 10 provinces officially resolved the issue of independence when it finished 2 days of discussions beginning on July 3 that year on that manner.

The manner was put into vote in the Congressional session of July 5 and out of the 44 representatives, 40 voted for independence and 4 did not, a decision confirmed by the president of the Congress, Juan Antonio Rodríguez.

The Caracas Independence day Parade

The Caracas Independence day parade was introduced in 1953 by then–Minister of Defense and President Major General Marcos Pérez Jiménez, as the finale of Fatherland Week, which marked Independence Day.