On this day Norway capital Changed to Oslo in 1925

On this day Norway capital Changed to Oslo in 1925

On this day Norway capital changed to Oslo

On this day January 1, 1925, the Norway capital “Christiania” changed its name to “Oslo”. Meanwhile, from 1877, Norway’s capital name was spelled like “Kristiani“, it was changed back to the original name to Oslo in 1925.

Oslo city in Norway
Oslo city in Norway

Capital in Norway

Oslo is the capital of Norway and the city is the most amazing, populous city in Norway. Through the Viking Age, the area was part of Viken the northernmost Danish province. In 1040 Ánslo, Oslo was founded as a city at the end of the Viking Age. Meanwhile, in 1048, Harald Hardrada, established as a kaupstad or trading place.

Unfortunately, the city destroyed by a fire in 1624. After that, King Christian IV build a new city closer to Akershus Fortress. Meanwhile, he named the city Christiania in the king’s honor.

During in 1948 vastly enlarged Oslo municipality merged with Aker a municipality and city surrounded by the capital and which was 27 times larger.

Official logo of Oslo
Official logo of Oslo
1926: Karl Johans gate 15, oslo
1926: Karl Johans gate 15

Oslo Population

The municipality of Oslo had a population of around 697,549 on November 23, 2020. 1.71 million of the estimated population are living in The metropolitan area.

During, in the early 2000s, the Oslo population has drastically increased at record rates. As a result, Oslo became the fastest-growing major city in Europe at the time.



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